Recession…what recession

I'm in Dallas, attending one of our monthly Cleinman Performance Network meetings.  During each of our immersion weekends, our members work diligently to address their business issues and identify resolution.  They participate in unique learning activities designed to help them reach their desired goals.  They collect scores of great ideas from the cumulative knowledge and wisdom of scores of fellow high-performing leaders.  And they get a dose of inspiration from Team Cleinman and the performance of their fellow members. 

This weekend, we've all had inspiration.  While I won't share names for reasons of respect for  confidentiality, what I will share are the amazing numbers turned in by the winners of each of the Cleinman Performance Network Groups who were in attendance this weekend.

Group Name                    2008 Growth in Cash Flow over 2007

Maximize                                     15%                   

Prosperity Partners                       16%

Capital Eyes                                 22%

Box Cars                                      26%

Recession…what recession?  The winners of these Cleinman Performance Awards are leaders who refused to give in to the hype of gloom and doom.  Their success is not the result of luck or location…but that of bringing their teams together towards a common goal; of being in control of their destiny; of not of becoming a victim of their economic environment.


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