Doctors Say “I Quit”


How sad it is that the present state of medicine is forcing doctors to hang up their stethoscopes to take less stressful and more economically viable jobs.  The article below is an excellent review of our current state of affairs.  While I don’t have stats (yet), medicine is fast landing in the same soup (or vice versa) as that of education; where more than 50% of all salaries go to administration.

Obama’s plans address some of these issues…but with questionable effectiveness…and significant reform will likely never see the light of day.  There are too many special interests who suckle at the teat of healthcare (insurance, lawyers and yes, politicians, etc.) and don’t desire change.

We are a country in crisis.  We have 535 elected representatives (who earn a pension and health care coverage for life after just four years of “employment”) making decisions for 350 million of us.  Those individuals are in the business of debate…not action.  The system is broke and, not to be cynical, there appears no effective solution in sight.  What are we to do?

Doctors Call It Quits

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