Understanding your professional and personal goals — and identifying the path to get you there— is our core competency. You are not like everyone else. And getting this right for you affects everyone you’re responsible for. At Cleinman Performance Partners, consulting starts with listening. There’s a lot of listening. We ask questions. We listen some more. We seek the advice and counsel of our own team. We do the research. We come back to you with more questions. Often we get on a plane and come meet your staff and your family. We listen to them, too.

Consulting support services and tools are available depending upon your needs:

  • Behavioral Assessments
  • HR Development
  • Financial Analysis
  • Coaching Calls for you and your staff
  • Team and Leader retreats


You CAN have it all. CompleteCare is a virtually all-inclusive, customizable package designed to identify and resolve those issues that will have the biggest impact on the economic and developmental well-being of you and your practice.

It’s the complete package of strategic planning and education for the entire organization including the following core components:

  • Wisdom Sharing. Participation in your Cleinman Performance Network Group.
  • FrameWorks. This program is designed specifically for opticians utilizing a facilitated wisdom-share model to drive optical revenue. 
  • ManagementWorks. This program uses a facilitated peer-to-peer wisdom-share model to support optometric managers as they drive practice performance.
  • Assessment & Planning. Cleinman on-site Strategic Assessment and Planning Services.
  • Education. Participation by your staff in Cleinman Performance Network education programs.
  • Team retreats. Annual on-site team retreats.
  • Coaching. Ongoing coaching support for you and key members of your staff.
  • Connections. Referrals to our allied network of service providers, as needed.

Referral Services

Services for Independent Optometry Practices

Cleinman Performance Partners provides referrals to industry specialists whose services complement our approach to business development.  Once we’ve worked with you on a needs assessment, identifying the right professional to execute your project is the next step to moving you closer to meeting your business objectives.

Are you expanding your practice with a new building?  Are you needing help navigating a facility lease negotiation?   Is it time to get control of the financial management of your practice? Or maybe you’re feeling daunted by the endless marketing needs of your practice?  For each of these scenarios and more, we will link you to a skilled professional to get the job done.

We have expert providers in the following areas:

  • New building projects/buildouts
  • Real estate negotiation
  • Lease negotiation
  • CPA/accounting services
  • Coding and Billing
  • Marketing services
  • Banking/financial assistance
  • Senior-level executive recruiting
  • Personal Development
  • Construction Management
  • Financial Services


For more information about our referral services, please contact us.