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The Words We Use

I recently took a short vacation in San Francisco.  Needing some things, I visited a neighborhood Walgreens.  Upon checkout, the friendly clerk, Chris, said, "Your investment

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Strategic Blunders

I’m on a multi-day "walk-about."  Sometimes I like to jump in my car and go where the road takes me.  With gas at $4.00 per

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WOW of the Week!

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a new chainsaw.  Yes, it’s a guy thing.  There’s nothing better for one’s psyche (and, frankly, one’s heart)

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I bet you can!

I’m vindicated. A few weeks ago, I had a discussion with an eye care industry publisher who told an audience of industry leaders “let’s face

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Independent ODs

Industry-wide Growth is Flat but Independent ODs Don’t Need To Accept Mediocrity. Performance of Cleinman Performance Network Members Refute Industry Study. Oneonta, NY — A

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