Insights on the Business of Optometry

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The Dealer and the Junkie

Back in the day, Vision Plan was developed as a methodology for selling the services of its owner, the profession of optometry.  Vision Plan acted as

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How to Eat an 800# Gorilla

I have often commented that most vision plan’s contractual requirement that providers extend a discount for all services, regardless of coverage, is both patently unfair

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You Can Judge a Book by its Cover

In a recent study conducted by our firm of the members of Cleinman Performance Network, we identified that those practices that invest in marketing dramatically outperform

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Hit the Road Jack

We’re making our final plans for the new series of Business of Eyecare Forums. This one-day practice leadership university will visit 20 cities over the

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What do you Sell?

I often tell my clients that “marketing is everything…our products, how we walk, how we talk, our facilities, our people…indeed everything we do.”  With entirely new channels

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