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We Have Seen the Enemy…

Discount.  According to Webster’s the word has many meanings.  But generally, when we think of the word as it relates to our industry, it’s “to

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Optometry Provides No Value!!

Optometry delivers nothing of value.  Yep. nothing.  Nada! According to a couple of commercials being run by “Optometry’s Friend,” the only thing that a consumer values

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Canadian Optometry’s Perspective

There seems to be a distinct advantage to living “up there.”  Our Canadian friends can look “down here” and learn from our mistakes.  Here’s a letter sent to the members

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Texas takes on EyeMed

As announced in a recent post (see “Remove These Chains”), Texas is the first state to push through legislation that eliminates the ability of vision

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Remove these Chains

 It is with joyous glee that I announce to my readers that the Texas Optometry Association has been successful in obtaining Governor Rick Perry’s signature for Senate Bill

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Is Optometry On Its Deathbed?

From time to time I hear from students and practicing optometrists that they’re concerned for the future of the profession.   From their perspective, the future

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