OD/Staff Partnerships


As a partner of FrameWorks you will receive:

  • Quarterly wisdom-share meetings, hosted and facilitated virtually
  • Quarterly, 1-hour coaching calls with your program leader/facilitator focused on benchmarking and performance
  • Full access to benchmarking, resources, and social networking groups
  • A Laramy-K & OpticianWorks account with a robust suite of educational programming, including:
    • Optician Qualification Standards and Staff Training Program
    • OpticianWorks 9-course learning modules
    • Optical Business Success Newsletter


As the liaison between practice owners and the team, managers often are dealing with competing priorities and end up feeling they’re serving multiple bosses. Similar to the challenges an owner faces, they’re left to implement, plan and forecast in a vacuum. It can feel like being on a lonely, deserted island. Navigating the waters of leadership, structure and development of an empowered team doesn’t have to be impossible. ManagementWorks brings managers the support and tools to help bridge the gap between people, systems, and process without having to reinvent the wheel.

As a partner of ManagementWorks, participants have the ability to solicit the wisdom of an entire network of peers led by a skilled facilitator. ManagementWorks includes the following core components:

  • Bi-annual wisdom-share meetings with their peers
  • Benchmarking access, training, and facilitation
  • Access to all Cleinman Performance Network resources and social networking
  • Individualized training, coaching and support


Some of the intentions/benefits of this program are:

  • Drive practice performance with a focus on people, systems, and process
  • Support the development of the owner/manager relationship and structure
  • Support the development of an empowered team
  • Personal development of participating managers via coaching, training, and networking