Right Tool, Right Expertise

Want to exponentially increase your productivity without cutting into your off hours? In this week’s video, Al gives you the one word you need to get more done more efficiently.

Cause and Effect?

Band-aids are for bodies, not for businesses. Al shares how to cure the infection, plus a bonus time-saving trick.

Tennis Anyone?

Athletes and ODs improve their skills in the same way: you have to play against someone better than you. In this week’s video Al explains why and how our Cleinman Performance Network meetings create the space to debate, share wisdom, and grow.

Mind Your P’s

“Price” and “Position” are partners. Confused about what that means? In this week’s video, Al explains the four “Ps” how they directly impact the fifth P: “Profit.”

Time is NOW!

Inflation is your Achilles’ heel, and your vision plans are likely preventing you from combatting it. This week, Al reveals one call to make right now that might help.

Views from the Road

Inflation is real — and it’s cutting into your bottom line. In this week’s video, Al reveals the one trick to stopping the squeeze on your profits.

Organizational Gremlins

There’s one trick to building an effective business. No, it doesn’t involve complex systems and complicated analytics. Johanna Loeffler, Senior Director of Operational Development, shares her magic motto.

Leveraging Technology To Support Process

Automation shouldn’t be about replacing staff but freeing their schedule to devote to more complex problems and customer service. How do you leverage the available tech to support your business? Meagan Staab, Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, explains.

Understanding Organizational Structure

Optical practices seek clarity. But you can’t be clear about how the day-to-day work happens if you can’t see how your system is structured. Ginamarie Wells suggests why it might be a good time to take a good look at your organizational chart.