Gone Walkabout

Late summer is the time to line up all of your assets for the coming fiscal year. But you can’t know how to use them effectively until you give yourself the space to ask two big questions. In this week’s video, Al tells you how to find the answers.

Eat or Be Eaten?

When we are fixated on only one kind of growth in our business, we lose out on what we really need. In this week’s video, Al gets out his chainsaw, cuts through a limiting definition of “growth,” and clears a path forward.

It’s Never Too Soon

Would you trust a non-OD to give you a comprehensive eye exam? Of course not…the outcome could be disastrous. The same goes for selling your practice . Unless you have been trained or put in your 10,000 hours, the results are likely to be less than desirable. Learn when Al says the right time to get started on your exit strategy and understanding the true value of hiring a professional.

The Cost of Missed Opportunity

It’s relatively easy to track your profits and losses, but it’s harder to know how much income you fail to capture. In this week’s video, see what Al suggests is the one trackable metric that will increase your bottom line.

Are You Fooling Yourself?

This week, discover what Al says are the three secrets of inventory management, maximizing returns on your investment.

Keeping the Funds Flowing!

Controlling Accounts Receivable on your balance sheet is fundamental to strong financials. Watch and see what Al says is the one performance indicator that will keep your funds flowing.

Show Me the Money!

You’re doing it wrong. Well, maybe not wrong, but how you track practice finances may not accurately show you the whole picture. See what Al says is the one change that will revolutionize how you understand the true performance of your practice.

Surviving Success!

For the last 12 months, you’ve had to build new kinds of resilience into your business plan. Now the summit of that climb is in sight. In this week’s video, Al has several tips about the view from here — plus one to keep you stable as you map what comes next.

The Squeeze Play

With costs ticking upwards, ODs will soon start to feel the squeeze on their bottom lines — unless they take back control of their practices right now. Learn two ways to do so in this week’s video from Al.

Unintended Consequences

You streamlined your business with 21st Century technology for payment systems, appointment scheduling, and other patient services. However, there is likely one thing you left back in the 20th Century. Al explains what that is in this week’s video.