Cleinman has changed my life. My husband and I run our practice so well but it’s nice to know that we have someone to turn to for guidance and help. I could go on and on about this great company. So, to Alan Cleinman and your amazing group of colleagues “From the bottom of my heart; Thank you” God Bless.
Christina Morrison, Practice Manager & Director of Finance
Morrison Eye Care
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a small part of Cleinman's journey! The people I have met and the things I have learned have truly changed my life and allowed me to do things I never thought possible.
Alexis Sheree Hale, Optical Manager
Herkert Family Eye Care
I have used 4 different consultants over my nearly 40-year career and learned and benefited greatly from them all. But I learned by far the most, and benefited the most, from Al Cleinman and his team. My advice to you- My God, yes, go!
James Hutchins, OD
Lifetime Eyecare Center
My Cleinman experience has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my professional life and has helped me personally grow in ways I never imagined. The impact on my life has been monumental.
Robert A. Salchak, OD
Colony Eye Care Center
Meeting with our peer groups are extremely important, and we always take back very practical ideas from our peer group discussions. Excellent!!
Melissa Billings, OD
Vision Park Family
The Cleinman experience provides me with a unique opportunity to gain access to the best information (that I could never have learned in optometry school) about all aspects of my business from fellow optometrists and other experts in the field.
Linda Cameron, OD
Mountain View EyeCare
Nothing prepares me more for the challenges I face in my business than Cleinman Performance Network!
John Wimbish, OD
Allen Eye Associates
My experiences with Cleinman Performance Network have helped me grow tremendously as a business owner!
Marie Schiff, OD
Northwest Vision Center
Cleinman makes you work ‘on’ your practice, not ‘in’ your practice!
Sam Teske, OD
The Eye Doctors of New Tampa
Gary Hawk definitely facilitates the group by helping us maintain focus – he brings excellent references from other Cleinman meetings and past personal experience.
Richard Miller, OD
Miller Eye Center
Our facilitator, Amanda VanVoris, is awesome! Very interactive, promotes thought and guides discussion extremely well.
Deborah Moon, OD
Lakeside Vision
Alan has the best advice for getting off of managed care, everything he shares is pure gold, if you want to take control of your practice and future that is.
Van Rue, President
The Van Rue Company
The Business of Eyecare Forum is a positive program with many good insights and ‘do-able’ action ideas!
Andrew Mizzi, OD
Andrew Mizzi Optometrist
This is one of the few meetings that kept my attention throughout. The day was filled with great speakers and a great message.
Shane Spooner
Gardens Eyecare
The whole day was thought provoking, challenging, and enlightening.
Kathryn Bosland, OD
Trinity EyeCare
Every program gives you information you do not get in school!
Stacey Carabello, OD
Gregor Eye Care
This was a great program. The speakers were real and easy to listen to, even touching at times.
Judy Sylvester, OD
Bedford Vision
Fantastic and informative! This is one program that every office should attend.
Krisell Saldana, OD
Eye Care Professionals
It was very informational; I learned many skills that I can put to use at my practice tomorrow.
Marisol Reyes, OD
Coker Family Eye Care
I brought my entire staff and would strongly advise others to do the same.
Careen Caputo, OD
This seminar should not be missed by any practice! Challenge yourself!
Daniel Herkert, OD
Herkert Family Eye Care
Can’t recommend enough. Go and check it out. There’s no catch and you will come home with countless pearls even if you don’t join.
Ted Bryant, OD
Clarity Eye Care
My mind is spinning, but your organization put on a very impressive event. It is something I want to be a part of. Surrounding myself with good people is important. If this works, or when it works, it will be an amazing turn-around story.
Mason Schneider, OD
Ballard Optical
Kudos to you and your amazing team! We are regenerated with new hope of the possibilities that lie ahead!
Debbie Amundsen, OD, Dean Amundsen, OD
Advanced Vision Care
If you want your practice to grow, you should check this out!
Sherri Egashir, OD
Bainbridge Vision Source
A must for your overall success!
Craig Rouse, OD
Rouse Eyecare
The open support and communication between the Immersion guests was so helpful!
Deliah Rouse
Rouse Eyecare
It’s a very high-energy weekend filled with great ideas to take your practice to another level. It’s a customized focus group!
Karen M. Rozycki, OD
Eyeworks Optical
Being involved with the Cleinman organization has been the most stimulating and beneficial professional relationship I have ever had in 25 years of practice. The whole experience from benchmarking to the Strategic Review, and interacting with Al and his unique perspective, came at a time when I was both very receptive to and in a position to respond to, all this great information and stimulation. It has made the possibility of future growth seem limitless or at the least, limited only by my level of desire to grow. I look forward to many years of positive and fruitful interaction.
Rick Smart, OD
Smart EyeCare Center
I sincerely appreciate you guys. You turned my life around.
Phil Etchells, OD
Apple Valley Eyewear
It’s a very high-energy weekend filled with great ideas to take your practice to another level. It’s a customized focus group!
Karen M. Rozycki, OD
Eyeworks Optical
This experience gave me a whole new perspective on optical!
Mary Helen Krushall
Colony Eye Care Center
Cleinman is a wonderful network to learn from, that I’ve enjoyed every year.
Shane Cockerell
Mt. Pleasant Eye Care Center
This is the best experience I have had with any training in regards to optical.
Jenny Refett
Chittick Family Eye Care
Very informative and so encouraging to me as a new member of the vision industry!
Karen Watson
Clarke Eye Care Center
This particular experience was amazing, best course I have taken to date.
Jennifer Hensley
Robbins Eye Care
It has been a wonderful experience, with new information of how to polish my sales and make the office a pleasant experience.
Jay Messinger, OD
So wonderful that it’s 20% lecture and 80% interactive!
Brenda Berg
Drs Akre and Simpson, LTD