Cleinman has changed my life. My husband and I run our practice so well but it’s nice to know that we have someone to turn to for guidance and help. I could go on and on about this great company. So, to Alan Cleinman and your amazing group of colleagues “From the bottom of my heart; Thank you” God Bless.
Christina Morrison, Practice Manager & Director of Finance
Morrison Eye Care
I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a small part of Cleinman's journey! The people I have met and the things I have learned have truly changed my life and allowed me to do things I never thought possible.
Alexis Sheree Hale, Optical Manager
Herkert Family Eye Care
I have used 4 different consultants over my nearly 40-year career and learned and benefited greatly from them all. But I learned by far the most, and benefited the most, from Al Cleinman and his team. My advice to you- My God, yes, go!
James Hutchins, OD
Lifetime Eyecare Center
My Cleinman experience has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my professional life and has helped me personally grow in ways I never imagined. The impact on my life has been monumental.
Robert A. Salchak, OD
Colony Eye Care Center
Been a member for ten years. Worth every cent I’ve ever spent. Can’t recommend enough.
Ken Elder, OD
wallingford eye care center
Being in the Network sure was a life changer for me and having people be made aware of its value would serve anyone well.
Vincent McMahon, OD
My association with Cleinman Performance Partners has been a great experience from the beginning.
Terry Tancabel, OD
Litchfield eye center
I love the fact that I can get together with the same group of people, people who do the same thing as me in and out every day and we can just toss ideas around. I just love that.
Jayne Taylor
Peterborough optometric Centre
Alan has the best advice for getting off of managed care, everything he shares is pure gold, if you want to take control of your practice and future that is.
Van Rue, President
The Van Rue Company
This was the best meeting I have been to with the regard to having valuable discussions with vendors and speakers. The small size of attendees made speakers more accessible as well.
Steven Berry, OD
Albuquerque Vision Care
Excellent. I wish I had attended one of these 5-10 years ago. A really good conference.
James Bedsole, OD
Dr. James W. Bedsole Eye Care
I attended their first ever “Exiting Vision Plans 1-day conference” and it finally gave me the kick in the rear (and the tools/methods) to sit down and take two entire days to analyze what VCPs were specifically doing to our practice and what our practice would likely look like without them. I highly recommend you check it out.
Andrew Neukirch, OD
carillon vision care
Great conference. Tons of valuable information!
James Hardie, OD
Pinnacle Eye Group
This conference was really a fantastic use of time, especially since we have bought land and need to figure out how to build the dream.
Michael Neal, OD
lakeside vision
Great work folks on a conference of this kind. It was very well put together – kudos!.
Colleen Gnyp, OD
Cranston market optometry
This seminar should not be missed by any practice! Challenge yourself!
Daniel Herkert, OD
Herkert Family Eye Care
Can’t recommend enough. Go and check it out. There’s no catch and you will come home with countless pearls even if you don’t join.
Ted Bryant, OD
Clarity Eye Care
My mind is spinning, but your organization put on a very impressive event. It is something I want to be a part of. Surrounding myself with good people is important. If this works, or when it works, it will be an amazing turn-around story.
Mason Schneider, OD
Ballard Optical
We are excited. I think we will benefit so much from the network and hopefully we can benefit others also!
Mary Ann Zastrow, OD
Downtown eyes
If you want your practice to grow, you should check this out!
Sherri Egashir, OD
Bainbridge Vision Source
I had a fantastic immersion experience. Most of the practice seminars I had been to pretty much lectured to you about what you should be doing. This was different. It was people just like me in the trenches doing what I do every day. The Cleinman Network helped me understand my numbers and what they mean with regard to the health of the practice and helped me follow through on ideas. Be prepared to learn and apply yourself. It is not a hold-your-hand sort of group but a wisdom-sharing network that can help you get to the next level.
Judy Chan, OD
precision eyecare
At my first meeting, I could immediately see the value to networking with successful peers to learn best business practices in our industry. The wisdom-sharing, small-group meetings are indispensable. We can all learn by sharing our successes and failures with each other in a non-competitive environment. Join up! If you want to be challenged personally and professionally to be leaders in eye care, Cleinman Performance Network is the place to start.
Brian Nichols, OD
mt. pleasant eye care center
Thanks again and I would love to learn more about the ManagementWorks training and to maintain communication as I strongly believe I am a better manager from my time with you and your team!
Jennifer Hanisch
evergreen vision clinic
My experience with ManagementWorks has been very valuable for my knowledge and success of the practice. Having the opportunity to share ideas, resources and problem solving with my peers has helped me become a better leader.
Jennifer Stahl
Dawn Rakich OD
After each FrameWorks session, I come back to our office rejuvenated and inspired to make positive changes. Our mentor, Lisa, is welcoming, positive and motivating. She has helped change my mindset for the better and encouraged me to think outside the box for creative ideas.
Brittany Salas
InVision family eyecare llc
FrameWorks is a game changer! Since being in the program our optical gallery has grown significantly. Our daily functions operate more proficiently, opticians are integrated beautifully, and our patient care is bar none!
Stacy Jackson
Longview eye associates
Michelle Sellers did a great job going over the ABO prep material. She is very sweet and was very patient with all of us on the things we were not clear on. There were only 4 of us in her group, which made it very personal and welcoming. I hope that more staff, from other offices, in optical can take advantage of that opportunity in the future! I would encourage every optical staff I could!
Sigie Crockett
Vision Solutions
Very informative and so encouraging to me as a new member of the vision industry!
Karen Watson
Clarke Eye Care Center
This particular experience was amazing, best course I have taken to date.
Jennifer Hensley
Robbins Eye Care
So winderful that it's 20% lecture and 80% interactive!
Brenda Berg
DRS Akre and simpson, ltd