Founded in 1989 by serial entrepreneur Alan Cleinman, we are a team of business specialists who provide services to North America’s leading optometric practices. Our customized consulting services are tailored to fit the needs of each health care business and business owner. Cleinman Performance Partners, Inc. offers results-oriented doctor and staff training programs taught by bona-fide experts. We also founded Cleinman Performance Network, the only organized, national wisdom-sharing network for optometrists.


Please don’t hesitate to send us your resume even if we’ve not posted a relevant current opportunity… Hey, you never know! 

Cleinman Performance Partners Current Opportunities:

General Application


If you are a dynamic and detail-oriented person that is a team player and a self-starter, Cleinman Performance Partners may be right for you. Our 20-person organization is a mixed group of talented people, each with our own area of expertise that come together working towards a common goal of helping independent optometry practices succeed. Our partner-base includes over 200 doctors from across the United States and Canada. If you feel like you have what it takes to participate in an amazing work culture with passionate co-workers, apply today!