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Listen in to get valuable insights from eye care business professionals, along with optometrist owners and staff members within the Cleinman Performance Network, all sharing common challenges and how they moved through them, plus, how they achieved their goals and transformed their practice.

Looking for creative ideas on how to foster a positive work culture in an optometry practice? This special edition episode builds upon episode 6 and the topic of creating a positive practice culture. In episode 7, we expand on that conversation to include some different ideas for practices. The best part is, these ideas could...
Clinic Operations Manager Brittany Codrington and Optical Manager Jason Barret, both from Eyes on Sheppard in North York, Ontario discuss the path they took to create a positive work culture at their practice in collaboration with OD/Owner Dr. Kerry Salsberg, along with the key ingredients involved in making that happen.
This married optometrist/owner couple, Dr. Kim Skyles and Dr. Jeff Binstock of Redmond Eye Clinic in Redmond, Washington have been on a wild ride during the development of their optometry practice. Although young, this couple has learned quite a bit along their practice journey which they share in a very open and honest manner. They...
Doctor of Optometry, Dr. Pamela Brown of Chili Vision Group in Rochester, NY speaks with Leslie Parmerter of Cleinman Performance Partners on the subject of adopting DigitalOptometrics technology to conduct virtual eye exams at her practice. Dr. Brown talks in detail about what the entire process was like, including her unique ways of utilizing this...
Dr. Anthony Smith, Optometrist and Owner of Jonesville Eye Care in Jonesville, MI speaks candidly about how he was able to rebuild his practice after losing it to a devastating fire in 2018. Listen in as Dr. Smith shares his incredible journey since that blaze.
Dr. Pamela Brown of Chili Vision Group in Rochester, NY joins host Leslie Parmerter to discuss her experiences with adding Neurolens to Chili Vision Group. Listen in to hear real and amazing accounts of patients who gained access to Neurolens specialized prism lenses through Dr. Brown’s practice and what those outcomes were.
Jenna Gilbertson, Office Manager at McCulley Optix Gallery in West Fargo, North Dakota speaks with Leslie Parmerter of Optometry consulting firm, Cleinman Performance Partners about transitioning that eye care practice into a much larger space and what that journey entailed. The post A Bigger Optometric Practice Space Means Growth Opportunities! appeared first on Cleinman Performance Partners.