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Listen in to get valuable insights from eye care business professionals, along with optometrist owners and staff members within the Cleinman Performance Network, all sharing common challenges and how they moved through them, plus, how they achieved their goals and transformed their practice.

For independent eyecare practice owners looking to break free from the limitations of vision plans and grow revenue, this episode features Dr. Kyle Ross of North Shore Eye Health and Wellness, who shares strategies for successfully opting out and growing a thriving practice.
For an eyecare practice to grow, it’s essential to continuously find ways to motivate your team to foster that growth. Business partners Dr. Christine Hayes and Dr. Kimberly Brown at Wildwood Vision Specialists in Wildwood, MO share their methods for successfully motivating their team.
Acquiring the right Associate Optometrist for your practice, one who will successfully integrate long-term, is not easy, yet Dr. Nathan Heilman, Practice Owner in Northfield, Minnesota has cracked the code to success. Listen in as he shares his step-by-step journey to long-term success with an Associate.
Learn how Dr. Michael Feeser and practice manager Angela Feeser of Feeser Eye Care in Odessa, TX tackled staffing challenges by hiring virtual assistants for their independent optometry practice. Discover the challenges, benefits, and insights gained.
Guests Dr. Joshua Woodland and Dr. Corey Kelly, optometrists and business partners at the Woodland Eye Clinics in Iowa discuss how essential benchmarking has become in their eyecare practice and how they effectively developed a system across their three locations.
Moving an eyecare practice is a significant decision. It involves several factors that need to be considered to ensure a smooth transition. As a practice owner, it’s essential to carefully plan, communicate the move to your patients, and make necessary arrangements to avoid any disruptions to your services. In this podcast, we talk to Dr....
Dr. Reed Jarvis, Optometrist/Owner of Jarvis Vision Center of Murray, KY, talks about his incredible practice owner journey after taking advantage of an unexpected opportunity to become a practice owner fresh out of optometry school. Years later, Dr. Jarvis shares the lessons learned along the way to becoming the owner of a high-performing eyecare practice....
Married couple and former Optometry Practice Owners in Jacksboro, Tennessee, Dr. Andy Howard and Dr. Liz Howard, talk through what their exit journey experience has been like and share what they did to create what they feel is the smoothest transition possible for themselves into retirement.
Looking for creative ideas on how to foster a positive work culture in an optometry practice? This special edition episode builds upon episode 6 and the topic of creating a positive practice culture. In episode 7, we expand on that conversation to include some different ideas for practices. The best part is, these ideas could...
Clinic Operations Manager Brittany Codrington and Optical Manager Jason Barret, both from Eyes on Sheppard in North York, Ontario discuss the path they took to create a positive work culture at their practice in collaboration with OD/Owner Dr. Kerry Salsberg, along with the key ingredients involved in making that happen.