Stop Painting the Wall!

Many of you have heard me repeatedly use the comment…”that’s a strategic decision.” Sometimes, you question me…”Al, I don’t get it…what’s the difference between strategy and tactics.”

Simply stated:

Strategy is an integrated set of choices which positions your practice so as to create sustainable advantage relative to your competition and deliver superior financial results.

Strategy is big picture stuff.  Generally, having the right strategy makes the difference between success and mediocrity.  For many of you, you work hard to do things right.  You coach your team to do things right.  Unfortunately, all to often, you’re doing the wrong things.  I sometimes liken it to repeatedly painting a wall that won’t hold paint.  Painting the wall is the tactic.  Carefully prepping the wall and buying and applying the right paint will make the wall pretty…but it won’t solve the problem.  Tearing apart the wall to fix the pinhole leak in the pipe behind it (which is causing the leak) is the strategy.

So, if you’re frustrated with high turn-over; poor financial performance; dissatisfied patients; in-fighting among your team; difficulty in recruiting or any other chronic business ailment…stop painting the wall…it’s time to look for the underlying leak.

Leaders do the right things.  Managers do things right.  Which are you?

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