Never Give Up!

It’s a very sad time for me and many thousands of music lovers.  I just returned from Vision Expo to learn of the passing of one of my life’s inspirations, the great musician, Dr. Al Gallodoro

Gallodoro 94th Birthday 032 As I have previously noted in this forum, I have been fortunate to have known a number of truly special individuals over the years.  Al Gallodoro tops that list.  Al was, and through his body of work will remain, a national treasurer.   A professional clarinetist and sax player at age 13, Al was one of the few men in history to have been a professional musician for over 80 years.  Indeed, his last gig was just two weeks ago, at the ripe age of 95.  He was a musicians’ musician, whom I came to know and love through my ownership of a restaurant/music club here in upstate NY.  We hosted Al’s 94th and 95thbirthday celebrations.  Al considered the Sego Caf

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