A Thanksgiving Message

OK, so your portfolio has shrunk by 40%, unemployment is jumping and you’re concerned about the future. 

Its times like this that keep me grounded.  And for my Thanksgiving message, I thought I’d share with you a poem that I wrote some ten years ago, during a particularly depressing time for me. 



Yes, this was the house to which I was born in 1956.  That’s a pigsty in the front yard and we had a two-holer outhouse. The house was actually a converted chicken coop.  There’s plenty of story here that I won’t bore you with, but you’ll get my point.  This photo sits by my desk and continually reminds me that, no matter what happens, I’m a pretty lucky guy. 

OK, so your portfolio has had a hiccup and you’ve got to work a bit harder then you'd like.  But think of from where you’ve come.  And think of all of those citizens who can’t afford to put food on their tables this Thanksgiving.  Sure, times are tough

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