VSP Is Paid to Market Your Practice…and This is the Result.

I came across this blog entry by a consumer.  While it's just one person's opinion, it does make one wonder what VSP is doing with all the money that providers are paying them to market their practices.  Perhaps VSP should redirect some of it's energy towards marketing it's provider network to the actual consumer.


I need to try to find a VSP provider (they are an vision insurance provider) because I can get free prescription sunglasses before our insurance switches to the shitty Aon plan in February. NO ONE takes VSP though! It's only accepted by small, independent practitioners is what it looks like to me, so I wonder what type of selection they will have for frames. I guess I will have to go find out. I NEED TO GET LASIK THIS YEAR!! I don't care how much it costs, I just need to freaking buckle down and get it.

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