Do Brands Matter?

I'm frequently asked about the importance of branding for professional practices.  Does a "brand" matter?"  What is a brand?  Should we operate under our last name as in Dr. Thomas Jones?  Or should we operate under a trade name like Advanced Family Vision Care? 

Often, I believe that the term "brand" is confused with "logo" or "image."  Brand is not something easily described.  It's a value quotient.  It's what you stand for and what you're customers perceive you stand for.  Your logo is not your brand…but a manifestation of your brand. 

Here's an interesting video that speaks to the importance of brands in a recession.


My personal opinion is that your brand is absolutely critical to your success…because you are your brand and it is your customers/patients perception of your value system that ultimately defines their definition of your brand.  Said another way, we cannot determine our brand…it's our customers that do so.  We can only set the course for our brand.

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