The Sixth Sense…Operating with Total Transparency

I recently wrote about doctor rating sites and their potential impact on your practice and our industry (see post of June 25).  Well, the following amazing presentation by MIT professor Patti Maes takes the potential for doctor rating to an entirely new level.  Imagine a patient having immediate access to ratings on both you and your entire staff while you're talking to them.  Imagine the patient's ability to be able to identify the COST of everything that you present to them.  Imagine the patient's ability to comparison shop any product while they're in your practice…just by looking at the product. 

We are fast entering a world where information and the tools necessary for decision-making are, literally, at our fingertips…even wired directly to our brain. Way beyond Google, what is coming is that the entire universe of knowledge will be available to all.  There will be no secrets…everyone can know everything.   

Think it impossible?  Take a look at this presentation about the future of information and your access to it.  When you're finished, please enter a comment about how you see this technology impacting our world. 


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