The Great Al Gallodoro…Revisited

Gallodoro 94th Birthday 032 On June 20th, the man whom Jimmy Dorsey called "the greatest sax player who ever lived" would have been 96.  Al Gallodoro passed away in October, 2008 at age 95, less than 10 days from his last gig.  He was a professional musician for over 80 years and an inspiration to anyone who ever crossed his path.  He played with the best of the best; under the best of the best conductors, at the best venues in the world…including Carnegie Hall.  I was lucky enough to have known him; he called my restaurant "home" and we hosted his 94th and 95th birthday bashes. 

I just came across a copy of his music video, which debuted back in 2006. I thought you might enjoy this piece of history.


I encourage you to acquire some of Al's work, which can be found on his website at www.algallodoro.com.  If you like the sax or clarinet, you'll love Al Gallodoro.  If you'll take the time to learn a little about Al (there are a number of videos featuring Al on YouTube), you can't help but to be inspired. 

Al was truly an inspired musician and an amazing man.  He had more heart and more energy than people half his age.  I rest assured knowing that he continues to entertain audiences and practices daily.  RIP, my friend.

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