Kiss “Fee-for-Service” Goodbye

Kiss it bye bye A Massachusetts state commission recently focused attention on health care cost containment and has issued a comprehensive report (see below).  Their recommendation, which is coming from other fronts around the land: do away with paying docs and hospitals for procedures and pay with global payments to take care of a specific population (sounds like capitation to me).

The report summarizes that the existing "fee-for-service" system incentivizes docs to provide testing and treatment; perhaps more than is really necessary.  (Well…duh…how would you ever make a living under managed care otherwise).  Incidently, Massachusetts has led the way with attempting to reform healthcare; virtually everyone in the state is now covered by some form of insurance.

Wayne Gretzky, the famous hockey player, when asked why he was so successful, always replied "because I go where the puck's going to be, not where it is."

Is "fee-for-service" doomed?  What if it were?  How would you be impacted?  So…where's the puck going?

Here's a copy of the report for your dining pleasure.

Download Mass Panel – End Fee for Service – Report

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