It’s Not About the Wii!


'tis the season for giving. It's not about the Wii…but about the we. During this holiday, let's not forget those of our neighbors less fortunate. One of our societal challenges is that we have left taking care of the less fortunate; and lots of other things; to government. Government is simply not as effective on many fronts as neighbors.  While we can largely thank government for getting us into our national mess; we can logically conclude that government won't get us out of this mess.  It's up to us as individuals.

Today, and throughout the holiday season and beyond, do something for a neighbor.  Stuff that change into a collection box (you'll never miss it); bend over and pick up a piece of trash; open a door for someone; shovel your neighbor's sidewalk; spend $20 with a local retailer in trouble or just starting out; buy local; give a stranger some encouragement…just DO SOMETHING!  No act of kindness is too small.

Thank you for your support of my blog and for your comments and debate.  Please enjoy this very special time of year by thinking of others.

Happy holidays!  Al Cleinman

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