Coming This Month: Al Cleinman’s New Book

optometry book

Al Cleinman’s new book, A Different Perspective: Observations on Optometry, Business and Life, heads to Amazon.com and to Cleinman Performance Network events later this month.

The book shares lessons Cleinman has learned during his 40 years in the optometry business — starting at the age of 16 (when he was hired by an independent optometrist) to his present role as founder and president of Cleinman Performance Partners in Oneonta, NY.

You not only will gain insight into how Al became a thought leader and advocate of change, but also learn how to build a strong team dynamic and deliver the “WOW” to patients. And Cleinman shares the viewpoint you need to survive and thrive in the optometry business.

Cleinman sums up the book perfectly: “This is not your typical practice management tome. Within the chapters ahead you’ll find ideas, observations, and insights taken from a lifetime focused on the business side of optometry and from a life lived fully.”

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