Battles Ahead!

trump-vs-clintonWay back in 2009 I made a prediction.  In that blog post, I spoke about forces at work to eliminate the very need for optometrists .  While my discussion at the time was about eyewear, little did I know that similar forces would threaten refractive exams.   A look back over the past five years proves my point.

Optometry is under siege!

We’re currently locked in a “Battle Royale” to elect our next president.   Your eyes and ears are likely glued to the multitude of “news” sources at your disposal; whether social media, website, television, newspaper or radio.  You’re investing lots of time sorting out your decision or simply seeking validation for the one that you’ve already made.  But against this milieu of “national news” and seemingly endless vitriol, have you ignored more local (and, perhaps, more important) challenges; the battles that your state optometry association and state Political Action Committee (PAC) are fighting on your behalf?   Are you spending your time and money to support your national candidates while ignoring legislative actions closer to home; those that support your very ability to successfully practice your profession?

At Cleinman Performance Partners, we’re currently preparing payments in excess of several thousand dollars.  These checks will soon be mailed to your state PACs or State Associations.   Why are we doing this?

Earlier this year, my first book was published.   A Different Perspective: An Entrepreneur’s Observations on Optometry, Business and Life is a primer on optometric practice like no other.  It was first released to the hundreds of participants in Cleinman Performance Network.  It can now be found on Amazon in both paperback, Kindle and audio versions.   There are at least two reasons to pick up your copy.

Here’s what Dr. David Cockrell, former president of the American Optometric Association, says about the book:

“After a lifetime of studying the business and practice of optometry, I believe the ideas and business concepts presented here by Al are the critical business tools that every practitioner needs.  If asked to recommend a book for practicing ODs and students, I would say “there are many excellent books, but start with this one.”

A Different Perspective is a synopsis of my business learnings resulting from over 40 years of studying the business of optometry and working directly with hundreds of North America’s most successful optometrists.  It’s an easy read packed with ideas and methodologies and real-world stories of successes and failures.  I’m confident that every reader will find something of value within its pages.  That’s reason number one.

But equally important is that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book are being allocated to support your state’s optometric legislative initiatives.  Through your purchase, you’ll help to underwrite such initiatives as:

  • Increases in scope of practice
  • Initiatives to deter on-line refractions
  • Elimination of the ability of vision plans to dictate discounts for non-covered services
  • Improvements in credentialing processes
  • Elimination of the ability for medical plans to require participation in vision plans

The stakes are high.  Forces are at work to fundamentally change your ability to practice to the full scope of your license.   It is our mutual obligation to provide support to address these important issues.

Optometry has been very good to me and Cleinman Performance Partners’ team of almost 40 professionals.  We’re passionately dedicated to helping our clients improve their business, and their lives.  It is my honor to give back to the profession with which I’ve been engaged for my entire career.  From my vantage point, it’s increasingly important for every optometrist to get behind their associations and PACs.  And while working to understand and support the presidential election process is important, supporting your profession’s political initiatives is mission critical.

We’ll do what we can.  What can you do?

PS:  Our firm has launched a Legislative Support Program to provide additional funds to your individual state associations and PACs.  If you’d like to learn how to bring this engaging business education program, underwritten by Hoya Vision Care, to your state please contact Kathleen Avery, Senior Director of Client Experience, at 800-331-5536.

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