The Wisdom Of It All

The Wisdom Of It All, November 9, 2022

Optometry can be a lonely profession. After all, if you’re a solo owner, the entire well-being of your practice sits on your shoulders. In restaurant terms, you’re at once both the host, the waiter and the chef, responsible for virtually every aspect of delivering a memorable experience. Sure, you have staff to which to delegate, but the details of the business of optometry are many. The days of just hanging out your so-called shingle and hoping that patients will show up are over. Securing patients is almost the easy part. Yours is a daunting task and a big responsibility.

Mary doesn’t show up for work today, its on your shoulders. Mrs. Johnson has a delayed delivery and is hopping mad, you’re the final arbiter. What plans you accept, what prices you charge, what EMR you engage, what vendors you support, what employees you hire…and fire…it all stops with you. As the famous saying goes, “the buck stops here.” The challenges of leadership are many, and because you’re the producer…in the back…in the dark…with patients, you have little time to devote to critical leadership. And strong leadership is what separates success from mediocrity.

For over 20 years now, Cleinman Performance Network partner practices have been meeting together to share ideas, develop opportunities and explore solutions. Over the next few days, Network partners will be meeting in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. During this two-day immersion in business, the participating owners and managers will explore, probe, share and resolve. They will discuss the status of their commitments from the last meeting and lay out their plans for the next six months…and beyond. We’ll review performance using the Cleinman Performance System, the first benchmarking tool ever devised for the eyecare industry. And, together with their peers, each individual owner will secure guidance on how to resolve their issues and exploit their opportunities.

A Cleinman Performance Network meeting is like no other. Some of our performance groups have been together for over twenty years. As a result, each partner develops a trusting and trusted relationship. This trust leads to truly open discussions that then lead to performance break-through. And the wisdom shared by the cumulative hundreds of years of optometry experience removes the loneliness that can often creep into your psyche. As a partner practice, you have a huge group of experts at your disposal upon which to lean. And as we have for over two decades, we deliver keynote speakers that share “a different perspective.” Cleinman Partner Practices are ready for challenges because they’re better prepared. And that’s why our Network partners outperform the eyecare industry on a scale of 4 to 1.

Dr. Robert Salchak, an optometrist in Sugarland, Texas, shares these words about his experience:


“My Cleinman Performance Partners experience has been the most rewarding thing I’ve done in my professional life and has helped me personally grow in ways I never imagined. The impact on my life has been monumental. “


It is virtually impossible to describe in words the power that comes out of a Cleinman Performance Network meeting. Network partner practices are top performers. These practices and their owners realize higher growth, outstanding profitability, more free time, less stress and greater professional fulfillment than that of the average. But, to clearly understand what’s available to you, you simply must experience a Network meeting.

In simple terms, Cleinman Performance Network partner practices are better. That’s why industry supporters sponsor participation in the Network. But participation isn’t available to just anyone. If you’d like to learn more about how you can realize more from your efforts and tap into the wisdom of hundreds of larger practice owners, reach out to us today.

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