The Journey of 1000 Miles

The Journey of 1000 Miles December 14, 2022

Dr. Tom Hyde of Morristown, Tennessee once wrote to say “Your organization has the most insightful strategies for optometry. You helped us decide on building our new facility and on how to bring my son into the practice. With your help, we’ve built something for the future and have grown tremendously. 

I share this not as an ego trip, but because Tom, and now his son, Lewis, have enjoyed an almost twenty-year journey that started with the experience that I’d like to share with you.

You’re viewing this video because you’re a progressive owner seeking to build a practice that will reward you financially but also provide professional and personal fulfillment. Further, as with all our clients, you’re interested in improving the long-term enterprise value of your life’s work. You may now be struggling with all that is before you…organization, potential recession, record-breaking inflation, a challenging employment environment or even opportunities that are in front of you for which you don’t really have a path to success.

At Cleinman Performance Partners, we’ve devised mechanisms and systems that reduce the challenges of building a substantial optometry practice. Our Cleinman Performance Network is one such program that has influenced and delivered for hundreds of owners of larger optometry practices throughout North America.

So effective is the Network that a group of sponsors have funded an exclusive Practice Development Grant for select recipients. This grant, worth over $3000, provides successful grant winners with the ability to participate in an upcoming Cleinman Performance Network Meeting. This practice development experience will take place at the Gaylord Dallas Resort, in May. I can assure you, should you be accepted for this grant, like Tom Hyde and others, the experience will have a positive impact on you, your practice, and your family.

The Practice Development Grant is comprehensive. It covers your housing, meals, entertainment and the training that you’ll receive during this unique immersion into what makes for successful optometry practices and owners. We know this because, for over 30 years, we’ve worked with hundreds of North America’s most successful practices to make them more successful; to help them thrive in an ever more complex and competitive eye care marketplace; to help owners get the most out of their business…and their lives.

My purpose in coming to you today is simple. I’m asking you to invest just 20 minutes of your time with one of our Partner Development Specialists. During this scheduled call, you’ll receive all you need to know about the $3000 grant and what it entails. There’s no obligation other than to invest the time necessary to fully understand this unique offer.

This is not a come-on or a trick. There are no hidden fees or obligations. In simple terms, the stronger you and your practice become, the more successful our industry. A rising tide carries all ships. And that’s why the Immersion Grant exists.

If you’re accepted for the Grant, I’m confident that you’ll both enjoy the experience, and value the knowledge you receive. You’ve only a bit of time to invest…and the potential for a lifetime of gain.

Tom Hyde did. As have hundreds of the most successful optometrists in North America. It’s how his journey started and it’s one reason why, today, his practice is in the top 1% of all optometry practices in North America.

As the saying goes, the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. There are currently only 27 of these Practice Development Grants available. So please reach out to us today to schedule your risk-free appointment, learn the details, and begin your journey.

Of course, if you have an immediate need, let’s talk person, in Dallas in May.

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