Based on over 40 years spent “in the trenches,” A Different Perspective offers a unique viewpoint to help you thrive. 

Al Cleinman shares:

  • How to discover what’s at the core of your success
  • How to envision and realize your dreams
  • How to get the monkey of ownership off your back
  • How to attain patient loyalty that lasts a lifetime
  • How to live a fulfilling life beyond your profession 
Definitely worth the read for any health professional that wants to set the bar high and exceed their patients expectations and Wow! them.
Tory W. Moore
Excellent read. This book really helps you to assess your performance as a business owner, while helping you to set tangible goals to govern your practice and manage your staff. I'd definitely recommend it to both established and new optometry practice owners.
Courtney Thompson
The wisdom that is shared is invaluable and I wish I would have been exposed to Al's 'Different Perspective' many years ago - I have no doubt it would have enriched my professional and personal life by helping me work smarter rather than harder.
Doc Scott

About Al Cleinman

For over 40 years, Al Cleinman has been a leader in the eye care industry. Along the way, he has built over 25 companies and divisions of companies and has launched countless products and services. He’s not done.

Since 1989, Al and his consulting team have been trusted advisors to many of optometry’s most successful leaders. His unique firm provides assistance in the management of change through a variety of mechanisms designed to help clients build, buy, sell, and improve. A prolific writer and compelling speaker, Al has been a columnist for Optometric Management and Eyecare Business, and he writes the popular Al’s Blog from which readers gain valuable insight on issues that impact our industry.