Merging Marketing with Social Media


Jason Lake, OD

We have been running a “Talk of the Town” billboard campaign for 2 years where local “celebs” model our eyewear as part of an advertising campaign to increase knowledge of our favorite eyewear lines and to let people know we are the place for beautiful eyewear. We had so many requests to be our next model we fashioned a Facebook contest from this demand to increase our “likes.” We took 4 high-profile local women and catered a nice meal, and I pitched them on being our Facebook ambassadors. The top vote getter was our next model. They each came by the office and took an image in their choice of glasses/suns for the contest. We bought the Facebook contest app and used their images in the contest. Obviously… highest votes wins. I was very honest about the fact we a) needed a model and b) we were trying to gain more friends on Facebook. They loved the competitive nature of the game… but I also picked highly successful and competitive women that would have fun with it. The winner is the “model” and gets one fully pimped out pair of glasses… their choice and the full photography/makeover session for the images.


  1. Identify local celebs
  2. Create a local marketing campaign to emphasize your premium product
  3. Create a contest.
  4. Implement.


  • My cost is $600 per month on the billboard,
  • $250 for professional photographer session,
  • $250 for catered meal and drinks,
  • $500 on a pair of glasses for the winner.


We created 4 raving fans for our practice from the contestants and picked up around 200 new friends on Facebook. This also furthered our strategy of merging our traditional marketing with social media campaigns.


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