Insights on the Business of Optometry

Messages and news from Cleinman Performance Partners

Invest in Your Team

Spend time and money on continuous staff training. This will set you apart and pay dividends in terms of staff performance. Managing a good team

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Secret Rewards Gift Card

Create customized gift cards that have a secret value. This is patterned after Victoria Secret’s secret rewards program. The psychology behind it is that people

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Ratings from Frame Stylists

  We have found that handoffs are critical to sales in the dispensary. Getting realistic feedback from your dispensary staff about how well you handoff

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Marketing in the Practice

  We have created a “Patient Passport.” It is a portfolio that contains all the information presented to the patient at the time of their

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Staff Kudos

Staff and patients submit compliments, catching our staff going above and beyond. These are all read at a monthly staff meeting with congratulations to the

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More Isn’t Always Better

Tim Nichols, OD In the first quarter of 2013, we noticed our per patient revenues were falling and began to investigate, hoping to pinpoint the

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