More Isn’t Always Better

Tim Nichols, OD

In the first quarter of 2013, we noticed our per patient revenues were falling and began to investigate, hoping to pinpoint the cause and take action. We were seeing appropriate numbers of patients; some days we were too busy. Our demographic offers a wide variety of patient types, were we being prudent in our patient mix? We found that there was an optimum number of patients we could see without our per patient revenues falling. Seeing less than 50 patients a day did not guarantee higher than $200 per patient encounter, but more than 50 almost guarantees lower than $200 per encounter. We reworked our scheduling template to modulate time with the optical, keeping a steady flow of patients and reducing wait times.


Analyze the patient flow and find the optimum number of encounters per day. Adjust the schedule to give the proper patient mix. Schedule staff based on the new workflow.




We are hoping for a more satisfying experience for the patient and the staff. Revenue per patient will increase


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