Spectacle Art

Tania Sobchuk, OD

We did a pretty major renovation on our practice this October. In the process I met with a local metal artist to create some metal lettering for our front wall. In addition to creating us some fabulous letters, his artistic brain went to work and on his own he created a giant pair of spectacles out of old and refurbished items in his studio. The eyepieces are old wagon wheels, the temples are a combination of old wooden wagon handles and plow handles; the bridge is sway bar from a race car; the nose piece is a Harley Davidson muffler; old drive shafts make the pivoting arm hinges (the temples actually work and fold in and out); and the back part of the temples are covered in hand-stitched elk hide. The glasses weigh over 200 pounds and are hung from the tresses of our building with two steel cables.


I think meeting with a local artist is a good idea because it gives both people exposure in the community. In my case he had all the creative ideas, I did not have to do much other than help him tweak it and hang it.


The cost was very inexpensive for a one of a kind piece of art. In this case it cost me $1,800.


The artist had a gala at his studio, and the glasses were his centerpiece. Before I had even seen them I had people telling me, “I love those glasses Dustin made for you.” Now that they are hung we have people coming in JUST to see the glasses, and I know for a fact that we have converted some of those people to new patients. We have a open house/grand reopening planned for our 8th anniversary, and the glasses will be a showcase. The artist posted pictures of the glasses on his Facebook page and has gotten numerous comments, as have we. It is pretty cool to now be known for something!

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