WOW of the Week!

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a new chainsaw.  Yes, it’s a guy thing.  There’s nothing better for one’s psyche (and, frankly, one’s heart) then to spend a few hours cutting down trees.  I’m confident that, for many of you, the vision of Al Cleinman cutting wood isn’t something you’d expect.  Well, the fact that I bought a chainsaw doesn’t have much to do with this story…or does it?

This morning I received a handwritten note:


Mr. Cleinman,

Thanks for purchasing a Stihl saw from our Oneonta store.  Stihl’s the #1 selling saw, world wide, and I’m sure your S260 will give you many years of dependable service.  Please think of us should you need parts or additional outdoor power equipment in the future. 

Thanks again,

Bob Spohn


My message is simple.  The owner of this small company took the time to send me (he really didn’t write the note himself, but who cares) a hand-written note about the purchase of a CHAINSAW!.  Not exactly a product purchase for which one would expect to receive such a communication.  I’ve made $50,000 purchases and didn’t get a handwritten note.  This guy has impressed me.  He’s created, with this one action, a customer for life.  In fact, if you ever need a chainsaw, or tractor or bush hog, I encourage you to contact Bob Spohn at the Sharon Springs Garage in either Sharon Springs or Oneonta, New York.  I’m confident that Bob and his team will take care of you.  His number is 518-284-2346 (hint: I’m now an ambassador for this business). 

John Naisbett, the great prognosticator who wrote the book Megatrends back in 1980, coined the term: "High Tech…High Touch."  He taught us that the more that technology invades our world, the more important personalized service and communications becomes.

When was the last time you wrote (or had one written for you) a personal note to a patient or a referrer?  What might happen to your referral volume if you started personally thanking your patients for investing in your services?   

Thanks for listening,

Al Cleinman

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