Strategic Blunders

I’m on a multi-day "walk-about."  Sometimes I like to jump in my car and go where the road takes me.  With gas at $4.00 per gallon, I’m not deterred.  I’m currently on my way to the New Hampshire/Canadian border, traveling through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Why?  Because I enjoy driving "the road less traveled."  It’s interesting to look around the corner and down the road.

I just came upon a large store in a small town.  This is a New Hampshire country version of a big-box retailer.  They sold such items as Arctic Cat snowmobiles and ATVs…big business in these parts.  They had a big parking lot and a nice facility.  Pretty impressive.  What first caught my attention…literally jumped out at me from the side of the road…was a huge sign:  "NOBODY SELLS FOR LESS."  It was a very big, multi-colored sign.

As for the store?  It was empty.  Shuttered.  Out of business.  Gone.  Poof!

Hopefully, my message is clear.

Happy trails,

Al Cleinman

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