Our Government at Work???

I was contemplating our country's current financial situation and our government's attempt to figure out a solution.  It reminded me of some poetry that I wrote a decade ago.  Perhaps you'll see the connection and humor…perhaps not.   


The Economics of Firewood

It started with three deadwood trees,

to pros I had to turn;

Twelve hundred bucks for them to fell,

for me to split and burn.

For two days straight they toiled high

to bring those limbs to earth.

A stack of wood ten yards wide

some three feet in girth.

So now to split and stack in cords

I had my work cut out.

But what great fun and heathy too,

and cheap firewood no doubt.

For weeks on end we puffed and groaned

and six cord split we cut.

Fifty hours of my short time

worth another thousand bucks.

So hire some kids to speed things up

and rent a machine I did.

Another eight cord for us to burn;

to Brits a hundred quid.

Tired and worn, determined though

to make this effort pay.

Hired a pro, his splitter too,

to finish the job in a day.

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