VSP Lobbies for its Life

VSP recently announced the appointment of what appears to be a chief lobbyist dedicated to convincing Congress that VSP and other stand-alone vision plans are good for the country.  In my opinion, VSP is good for only one thing…VSP.  The logical place for Vision Care Services is within our medical insurance system; not as a stand-alone benefit provided by commercial firms whose only motivation is profit.  The American Consumer doesn't need "insurance" for eyewear any more than we need insurance for the oil changes for our car.  The American Consumer is NOT benefiting because the costs associated with eroding margins on materials are simply being shifted to medical services or worse, are actually driving down the quality of vision care. 

It's time for the likes of VSP to pack up their bags.  They squeeze Providers to provide their product…it's that simple.

I find it fascinating that VSP has the cajones to make statements like:

"VSP has a long and proven track record of promoting healthy outcomes for both patients and the companies they work for"

What about VSP's Provider's?  VSP was founded for private practice optometry.  Our studies indicate that, thanks to the likes of VSP, Providers are operating on ever-slimmer margins.  Indeed, the difference between Gross Charges and Collected Revenue has declined by double digit percentages in just the past five years.  With these eroding margins, Providers are being squeezed for the capital necessary to invest in ever-evolving technology, the best employees, updated facilities and increased service levels.  The result…the patient loses.

VSP was founded to serve its Providers and help Providers serve patients.  Now, Providers are simply a pawn in their game…to make as much money as they can. 

The squeeze continues.  Many Providers are gasping for economic air.  When are they going to revolt? 


VSP Vision Care Appoints Cecil Swamidoss to Director of Federal Policy


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