Success in 2012 – Yours for the Action

 Over the past few years, I’ve traveled throughout North America presenting a workshop entitled “Secrets of High Performing Practices” at our Business of Eyecare Forum programs.  At the beginning of this workshop that explores the strategies behind success, I pull out a $100 bill and ask my audience; “who wants this?”   Invariably, I get a show of hands and even a few shouts from the audience.  Then, after a few repeats of my question, someone will finally come up and grab the $100 out of my hand.  Sometimes it takes a bit of coaxing.

As I look back on 2011; a year during which some of my readers have had significant challenges while others have been incredibly successful; my thoughts go to that giveaway exercise.

What makes for success?  As I’ve thought about 2011’s winners and losers, my conclusion is that the difference between success and mediocrity boils down to simply taking action.  Some of you have sat on the sidelines this year, waiting for the economy to turn.  Others have sought out new opportunities and taken action with hiring, business development initiatives, new products and even acquisitions. Those folks that took action have seen their initiatives rewarded.

So, as we head off to the new year celebration, I send my best wishes to you and yours for an enjoyable and restful New Year holiday.  And I ask that, during this and the coming weeks, if not already done, please invest the time to deeply consider what actions you’ll take in 2012 to ensure your success in this and the years that follow.

Success is yours…for the action!

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