Your Future is at Stake!

As I have communicated to my audiences over the past couple of years,  it is my strong belief that Private Optometry is at a crossroads.  It’s no longer business as usual.  Those who take bold action to build their respective brands and effectively communicate directly with their patients will be imminently successful.  Those that sit back and allow others to define them will likely suffer.  There’s no secret about where I stand on Vision Plans (click on Categories: VSP and Managed Care).  But in all fairness, I think it’s important for my readers to make their own judgements.

Last evening, the American Optometric Association and VSP squared off through a “forum” in an assertive move orchestrated by VSP.   Was it successful?  You be the judge.  Here are the positions of each organization:

VSP on Access

AOA on Access  

The bottom line is about trust, in my opinion.  Whom do you trust to represent your best interests?  Do you trust optometry’s association, which is led by volunteers committed to the well being of the profession?  Or do you trust a multi-billion dollar for-profit corporation led by highly paid executives and a staff of well compensated individuals?  Do you trust an organization that has clearly communicated through their actions that they are intent on controlling their distribution system for the sale of eyewear, whether that distribution system be through private optometry, through corporations to their employees, or through the internet directly to consumers?   Or do you trust an organization who’s only objective is the well-being of an entire profession?  Do you trust an organization who’s representation is elected through a democratic process.  Or do you trust an organizatino who’s “leadership” is effectively appointed by the well-paid staff that runs the show and reaps direct reward?

Who do you want defining you?   You be the judge.

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