Staff Reward for Event Management

Chad Klein, OD
Chad Klein, OD

We have a frame show at least once a year, which is a lot of work for the staff – preparation before the show, the day of the show is incredibly busy and the days following the show with organizing all of the orders. To show the staff my appreciation for their hard work after our last frame show, I treated the entire staff with tickets for Jersey Boys. In the past, I’ve hired a limo driver to pick the staff up at the office and take them out to nice dinner. We come up with different rewards for each show.


Before the frame show, we set a goal of number of complete pairs of frames and lenses we want to sell. If they reach that goal, they receive the reward. Decide on the reward before the day of the event to give the staff something to look forward to if they reach their goal.




Improves moral. Strengthens relationships within the office. Encourages the staff to work hard when we have events such as a frame show, open house, etc.


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