Invest in Your Team

Brad Schwartz, OD
Brad Schwartz, OD

Spend time and money on continuous staff training. This will set you apart and pay dividends in terms of staff performance. Managing a good team is like raising children – listen, but be prepared to say no and lead when you need to.




Create training program for staff; include in-service as well as off-site opportunities. Reimburse staff for their time as well as training costs. Ask staff to evaluate their training and suggest ways to make it better. Continually refine or enhance your training program.


For 2003, we have budgeted $19k for “team development” (i.e. staff education related expenses), which represents 3.6% of our annual budgeted payroll expenses and 0.9% of planned budgeted deposits (revenue).


Investing in your staff with regular continuing education empowers them and gives them confidence. In return, educated staff members invest in your organization by taking ownership and pride in their positions. Knowledge is power that no one can ever take away from them.

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