President’s Message: Tomorrow is Today

Whether 35 or 70, regardless of your age or how long you’ve been in practice, the time is now to begin thinking and planning for your exit. Why? Simply stated, sooner or later you will leave your practice. It’s inevitable! It may happen tomorrow, the result of catastrophe. Or it may be more than 20 years away and simply a dim light in the distance. Regardless, successful transition takes many years of preparation. And for one very important reason, it’s not something that should be left until retirement is just around the corner.

Benchmarking Gets Nimble, Mobile Update

The enhanced features of Cleinman Performance Partners Benchmarking 3.0 provide members a user-friendly data collection and ratio generation system on mobile devices and tablets. A crisp new “data dashboard” helps monitor your most important operational drivers.

Meeting Experience Combines Power of Banzai Consortium & Cleinman Performance Network

Blending the best in medical optometry education and the power of wisdom sharing, the Banzai Consortium joined Cleinman Performance Network in Dallas for a unique weekend experience. While the Banzai National Meeting and the Network meeting operated separately as independent groups, all participants shared a weekend full of education, entertainment and exhibits.