Insights on the Business of Optometry

Messages and news from Cleinman Performance Partners

A Different Perspective

All of us walk through life with certain preconceptions.  These “opinions based on inadequate information” are often a barrier to our ability to effectively lead

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VSP – Share the Wealth

VSP just announced that it was adding a second on-site clinic for one of its clients. VSP previously and quietly opened an on-site vision care clinic at

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Good Ol’ Yankee Ingenuity

I just had a most unusual/surprising call…from the New York Yankees.  Yep…me…the Yankees. Here’s the story.  My oldest son and I went to a Yankee’s game last

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Recession = Opportunity

Certainly, there's a recessionn going on.  But my perspective is that this recession, like all before it, spells "opportunity."  And you're reading about that opportunity almost daily

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