Staff Reward for Event Management

We have a frame show at least once a year, which is a lot of work for the staff – preparation before the show, the day of the show is incredibly busy and the days following the show with organizing all of the orders. To show the staff my appreciation for their hard work after […]

Ratings from Frame Stylists

  We have found that handoffs are critical to sales in the dispensary. Getting realistic feedback from your dispensary staff about how well you handoff patients empowers them to be successful in their encounter with the patient. Prescribing eyewear rather than recommending it is so much more effective. I know we all do not want […]

Marketing in the Practice

  We have created a “Patient Passport.” It is a portfolio that contains all the information presented to the patient at the time of their experience at the office. The contents include any handouts that the doctor discussed during the exam regarding the patient’s ocular conditions or health risks and the patient’s prescriptions, both CL […]