Cleinman Performance Partners knows the numbers of the optometry industry like few others.  Developed in-house, backed by years of experience, the Cleinman Benchmarking System shows your performance over time, and your performance as compared to your peers. 

The numbers tell a story.  Filtered through our formulas and interpreted by our facilitators and your peers, you can see where you have been and begin planning where you want “to go” in developing your practice.


  • Our numbers are honest. Network members who submit data want an accurate result to measure against.
  • Our numbers are tabulated in real time. You can edit data anytime and see the changes.
  • Our numbers are confidential. Our system is proprietary, so no one has access to your data but you.
  • Our numbers are historic. We invented this process. We’ve been tracking success stories for over 20 years.
  • Our numbers are superior. Cleinman Performance Network members outperform the industry 4 to 1.


If you are the owner of an optometry practice and you desire more time, less stress, more professional fulfillment, and more revenue …


Invest a weekend of your time in a practice development private optometry think tank like no other. Walk away with new practice building tools and a different perspective… GUARANTEED!

Get a Grant

To request more information about a $3,000 practice development grant to cover your weekend’s expenses, please fill out the form or call 607.431.1001 any time, day or night, and gain access to a complimentary weekend that includes lodging and meals, travel reimbursement, 4 HOURS CLINICAL CE (4 COPE Credits pending), guest speakers, and evening entertainment.

Be A Part of An Optometry Think Tank

You’ll spend the weekend with The Cleinman Network of Optometrists, and you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the health of your practice, an appropriate work/life balance, staffing solutions, and more! The only investment you make is your time.