We affiliate ourselves with the best technology and service providers in the industry. We believe that as our practice partners invest in the best the industry has to offer, they are investing in their own success.

Meet the professionals who pride themselves on offering you the best products and services in the optical industry.

2020 Alliance Partner

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2020 Network Partners

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Weave is the complete business toolbox for service-based businesses. From the first phone call to the final invoice, Weave provides personalized, relevant, and effective solutions for the entire customer journey. Weave’s unique integration of hardware and software solutions help streamline and simplify business growth, retention, and communication.

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RevCycle Partners provides revenue cycle management services to the eye care industry, including insurance billing, patient eligibility services, and credentialing. We manage the overwhelming details related to credentialing for practice transitions. Our mission is to fight for what’s due for both doctors and patients, contributing to a positive, ongoing doctor-patient relationship. RevCycle Partners is one of the largest RCM companies serving the eye care industry, providing outsourced services to hundreds of practices across the United States. For more information visit:


Cleinman Performance Partners is a unique business development consultancy working exclusively with private practice owner optometrists and their staff. We operate Cleinman Performance Network, a secure group of over 200 North American independent practices, with over 300 participating partners.

Cleinman Performance Partners and Cleinman Performance Network work in tandem to provide solutions for virtually any business issue faced by practice owners. Our peer-to-peer wisdom-sharing groups and proprietary benchmarking system position our practice partners to become better leaders and CEOs while driving to new heights of success.

We understand business is shaped by many things, including forces outside the practice walls. Work/life balance, marriage, natural disasters are all things that can play a part in disrupting normal business operations.

When doctors join the Cleinman Performance Network, they get the sense of community from the network of like-minded optometrists in our partner base, achieve connectivity by working together with other doctors to solve issues, and find intimacy from the long-lasting relationships that are formed while in the Network. The best names in optometry rely on us for guidance and support. Contact us to become a sponsor.

The Proven, Immersive Sales Experience


The Cleinman Performance Network is comprised of some of North America’s best and brightest private practice optometrists. They come together for wisdom sharing, strategic planning and education programs through a series of multiple, three-day meetings that are held throughout the year at different locations.


Every six months, these smaller peer-to-peer networking groups meet to explore solutions to problems while identifying underlying issues through our proprietary benchmarking system, which Al Cleinman introduced to the industry over 25 years ago.


During their time together, these groups get to know and trust each other. Some even become lifelong friends. They learn from each other’s wisdom and use what fits their brand. Group members also hold each other accountable to get things done. It’s a team effort that works towards a common goal — to succeed.

How effective is Cleinman Performance Network?

Practice partners implement better systems, see greater profitability and realize better work/life balance, all while becoming better leaders, more successful and, as such, excellent potential customers to leverage. The results speak for themselves. On average, our practice partners:

  • 4x faster growth than the average practice
  • 20% higher revenue per patient than the average practice
  • 53+ additional vacation days on average after 1 year

Sponsor Opportunity

We’ve seen you. Sitting alone at your booth at the trade shows. We’ve heard you. Wondering aloud why you paid “how much” for two days of little traffic or interest.

What if you could spend a month of weekends dining, socializing, presenting and educating North America’s largest and fastest growing optometry practices?

What if those practices were owned by optometrists who were genuinely engaged in learning about how you could help their practice grow?

What if you were the only vendor in the room representing your specific product or service?

It’s time to stop looking back with regret at the expense and lack of return from large national events. Let’s move forward on the new profitable sponsor relationships of tomorrow!

The benefits of Cleinman Performance Network sponsorship include:

  • access to practice owners dedicated to growing their business through better business practices and vendor relationships.
  • a unique opportunity to influence small groups of OD owners over a three-day period six times annually.
  • a limited number of vendors ensuring your message will get heard.
  • several sponsorship options to increase your brand exposure throughout the weekend and beyond.


Become part of a unique community that creates connections, intimacy, and lifelong relationships between doctors. We transform lives through recognized and realized possibilities.  Use this form to get the process started.