Peer Knowledge Sharing

Your specific business challenges may be new to you, but they aren’t really new.

There are scores of successful independent eye care providers who’ve already worked through similar dilemmas. They’ve learned from it. They’ve grown from it. They’re willing to share.

Professional Wisdom-sharing

For OD/Owners:

This dynamic, professionally facilitated wisdom-sharing for Practice Owners.

For Opticians:

The ONLY peer-to-peer wisdom-sharing group dedicated to optical business development.

For Managers:

The ONLY on-going education & wisdom-share program for optometry practice managers.

What sets our peer knowledge-sharing apart?

It is the unique support structure that surrounds the dialogue. As a Network client you’re placed in a highly confidential, non-competitive group environment managed by a professional facilitator. Best practices are recorded in a searchable database as business pearls.

You know you want to…

Our highly constructive wisdom-sharing, peer group system propels your business development forward. You commit to taking steps to improve and report back to your expectant OD group on the outcomes. Those management decisions are measured against your benchmark data, providing you with real-time analysis. Clients keep in touch through the year on our secure website.

The Cleinman Network of Optometrists

An exceptional group of unique optometrists just like you!

Cleinman Performance Network consists of some of North America’s top-performing optometry private practices who collaborate in a non-competitive environment to discuss business challenges. This dynamic, professionally facilitated wisdom-sharing model includes access to our proprietary benchmark data system providing a comprehensive data series which measures the operational health of each practice while ensuring all of our practice partners participate at the highest level.

During each work session, we introduce new topics, themes and experiences relevant to the ever-changing world of optometry. Add keynote speakers, continuing education classes, group activities, and you have a recipe for an exclusive experience that centers around practice growth and profit. Included at the meetings are several industry-leading companies that display and highlight their products, services and newest groundbreaking technologies and network with our practice partners.

It’s easy to stay connected through the Practice Partners’ Area of our website and access our searchable database of practice management tools, white papers, survey results, archived group meeting notes, and much more.