How to spend your marketing dollars
to attract and keep patients

A Cleinman Performance Partners' Digital Series brought to you by INVISION

Learn how to market to your client base, how to attract and keep patients, and how to best spend your marketing dollars: All keys to successfully marketing your practice. This webinar series will help you explore what it means to have a marketing plan for the future by addressing three primary areas that lay the foundation for a comprehensive marketing strategy for your optometry practice.

  • Brand Strategy & Marketing Economics
  • Market Analysis & Measurable Marketing
  • Marketing 2021

“Practices that invest in marketing realize significant reward.  Even a $25k annual investment pays off in higher patient volume and higher revenue per patient, resulting in profits that far exceed the marketing investment.” 

– Alan Cleinman, Founder and President, Cleinman Performance Partners

Alan Cleinman

The Brand Called You: Building Your Brand. Setting the Stage. The economic impact of marketing. Differentiation in an era of constant disruption. Keys to building the practice of the future.

Kevin Wilhelm

Transforming Your Commodity Business into a Brand People Love: As the eye care industry continues to change and evolve, a real look must be taken into how our businesses are built to ensure that we are truly differentiating ourselves from the pack. As the world becomes more commoditized, we have an amazing opportunity to do things differently. Learn tangible steps on how to find more (of the right) patients, increase profitability, and stave off competition.

Moe Ranji

Inbound (External) Marketing: Explore how a professionally supported digital marketing platform can help you execute your story brand and your marketing strategy of the future by giving your practice’s external marketing a competitive advantage.

Reed Jarvis

Practice Marketing at its Best: Pulling it all together: lessons learned and making it work – i.e. how we made our decisions; what we would do differently next time; how we are preparing for marketing 2021. 

Paul Herreras

The Four Cornerstones of Optometric Marketing:  1. Defining & demystifying practice marketing. 2. Resources needed to successfully launch your marketing system. 3. ROI: “What gets measured gets improved.” 4. Focusing on your “Key Decision Makers” who generate 70% of your gross income every year.

Justin Bazan

Urban Vs Rural Marketing: What are the similarities and differences for urban and rural consumers; social and economic conditions, demographics, buying behavior, income levels, awareness, interests, opportunities, and access; how do you maximize your marketing to target the right consumer.