National Leadership Team Development Conference

Learn how successful Leadership Development can produce a winning team!

A Cleinman Performance Partners' Masterclass Series brought to you by INVISION

During this interactive webinar series, you’ll learn how contemporary leaders successfully guide their workforce, improve retention, communication, and productivity.

Some of the topics for this series include:

  • Building the team of the future
  • Setting direction, values, and internal innovation
  • Supporting and retaining employees

A great conference. Tons of valuable information.

– James Hardie, OD, Pinnacle Eye Group

A wealth of information!

– Krister Holmberg, OD, Arena Eye Care

Amanda Van Voris

Become a Strategic Leader: Deciphering the difference; setting goals and providing direction for the team; setting vision and mission, overall business objectives and the building clear paths to reaching objectives by setting business climate; delegating vs abdicating leadership.

Danny Clarke

Transparency, the Numbers, and the Road to Success: Open book management, teaching employees how to know their business from a financial perspective, own their numbers and reach financial goals all while creating ownership in the company’s financial success.

Cynthia Forstmann

Culture: How do you define it, how do you measure it, how do you build it; why is it important?

Johanna Loeffler

Systems, Process, and Innovation: Tools to stay lean and effective; to challenge the status quo and manage change; and to improve operations.

Ginamarie Wells

Managing Conflict: Unresolved conflict is always a missed opportunity for leaders to coach and mentor their teams to harness the power of differences. In this workshop participants practice key techniques for de-escalating conflict, managing behavior change, and accelerating the implementation of successful solutions

Ginamarie Wells, Johanna Loeffler & Amanda VanVoris

Speaker Panel Leadership Team Development Q&A: Join Cleinman Performance Consultants as they answer your questions. Topics covered will relate to developing your leadership team, building your succession strategy for key positions, ways to develop/train teams, how to finance your team development strategy, and other pressing HR concerns.