Freedom Marches On

I believe in the “law of the marketplace.” Under that “law,” businesses and professions operate without artificial restrictions (but with reasonable regulation necessary for consumer protection). Artificial control of one party over another — whether the result of oligopoly, policy manipulation, or special-interest statutory interference — is bad. Competition is good. Competition results in continuous improvement. With fair competition, the consumer ultimately prevails. With fair competition, everyone wins.

Lessons from John Steinbeck

While here, I’ve had the pleasure of reading John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath.  This amazingly well-written and ambitious novel (Pulitzer Prize – 1940) is about the Joad family, who suffers the loss of their Oklahoma farm to the depression and dust bowl, and flees to California to seek their destiny.  The story follows the […]

You’re an EyeMed Provider Because???

I read a report of a recent meeting between representatives of a group of Texas providers and EyeMed.   The following is in regards to the recent bill passed by the Texas legislature that prohibits vision plans from enforcing discounts on non-covered services (Texas SB 632). “EyeMed’s new contract will honor the option of doctors to […]