Unlocking Your Own Vault

In our vision plan/managed care world, with increasing write-offs compounding the challenge of increasing costs, managing cash flow is ever more critical.  Recently, I’ve had several clients lament about increasing Accounts Receivable and, as a result, declining “Collections.”  During these discussions, I outline the “MIS” of collections…namely Management, Incentives and Systems. First, from a management […]

Optometry Provides No Value!!

Optometry delivers nothing of value.  Yep. nothing.  Nada! According to a couple of commercials being run by “Optometry’s Friend,” the only thing that a consumer values is a discount.  The lowest price.  Affordability.  Money Savings.  Indeed, it seems that the magic number is “$200 per year.”   Take a look: Brand Destroyer A Brand Destroyer B […]