The Great Game of Business - Optometry

Improve your optometric business results and the lives of the people who drive those results by creating a team that thinks and acts like owners. A full-day workshop to get your entire team focused and enthusiastic to grow the business of your practice. The course includes a detailed 90-day plan and 2 hours of Webex/phone conferences after the workshop.

Implementation of the Great Game can:

  • Improve the culture of your environment
  • Improve/maximize profitability
  • Improve/maximize cash flow
  • Develop a team with an owner mentality
  • Improve individual team members’ decision-making skills
  • Dispel perceptions & help bridge the gap between owner thinking and staff thinking
  • Open to ODs and their practice managers.


Open to ODs and their practice managers.

Full implementation workshop

Date: January 9

Refresher workshop

Date: February 6

Full implementation workshop

Date: March 6

Refresher workshop

Date: April 3

Full implementation workshop

Date: May 1


Danny Clarke, OD