National Eyecare Facilities Conference

A Cleinman Performance Partners' Digital Series brought to you by INVISION

This webinar series is designed to help optometry practice owners who are embarking on a remodel, moving or a new office build. Other key topics that will be covered throughout the series will be efficient project planning, financing options, design preferences, profitable location selection, the negotiation process and marketing the new office.

“Thank you for organizing this conference. I have asked questions about buildings/remodels in the past, and this conference gave me far more detailed information that will truly help me. This was well worth my time.”

Linda Cameron, OD, Mountain View EyeCare

Amanda VanVoris – September 8 
Laying the Strategic Foundation – Building Your Brand. Separating Yourself from the Pack. The Economics of Vision Plans. 

Justin and Sarah Ward – September 8
From Conception to Execution – Managing perceptions vs. the reality of the project – forecasting needs, understanding opportunity costs, and building the team you’ll need for the future.

Chuck Feitel – September 10
Leasing, Buying, & Building – Discussing the analytics behind making your decision about leasing, buying, or building; understanding the negotiation process.

Rob Stensland – September 15
Facility Design, Project Planning, and Making the Most of the Contractor/Client Relationship – The what, why and how of designing and building.

Patrick McGahren – September 17
The Economics of Facility Investments – Insight on what lenders look for and how to secure financing for your investment.

Trudi Gharest – September 22
Breaking Down the House – Things to consider and methods to use when marketing your new facility.

Kenneth Eakland – September 24
Retailing and Technology – Explore what is possible in technology-based eyecare and what the consumer of the future will demand.

Amanda VanVoris – September 29
Pulling it All Together – Stories from the consulting point of view – what to do to bring it all together.


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