“Self-Defense and Sun-Defense”


Michael Sonnleitner, OD

We approached the local karate dojo with the idea of co-sponsoring a summer promotion for kids: “Self-Defense and Sun-Defense.” We wanted to promote karate as a way to build kids’ confidence, to educate kids and their parents on the importance of sunglasses, especially in the summer, and to contribute to our community. We placed an ad in the local entertainment newspaper, offering kids two free weeks of introductory karate training, along with a free vision screening, and a 30% discount on sunglasses, with proceeds benefiting the local schools. The karate dojo donated 30% of each new student’s first month’s tuition, and we donated any net profit on the sunglasses, to the local schools.


Contact a local martial arts dojo (or it could be a gymnastics club, swim club, etc.) that is trying to attract new students. Place an ad in the local newspaper with the services provided. Make appointments for a 5-minute vision screening test for each kid responding to the ad (VA’s, auto-refraction, color vision, depth perception, cover test). Discuss with the kids and the parents the importance of regular eye exams and sun protection. Line up reps to provide the sunglasses at a discount (30% is normal for this type of donation). Present a check to the local schools for net profits on the sunglasses and 30% of the first month’s tuition for karate. Make sure local newspapers cover the story.


  • Parents were willing to spend up to $50 on good quality sunglasses for kids.
  • Our cost for each pair of sunglasses was $25 minus 30% discount from the rep, or $17.50.
  • Retail cost is $50 – 30% = $35. Gross profit is $35 – $17.50 = $17.50/sale.
  • For 30 kids, our sunglass cost was $525.
  • Vision screening exams for 30 kids took 150 minutes total, so employee time (@ $14/hr) was about $35.
  • The newspaper ad was $300. So for 30 kids, net profit was:
  • Gross collections: $1,050
  • Cost of goods: $525 1/2
  • Cost of ad: $150
  • Staff time: $35
  • NET PROFIT: $340.

The karate dojo donated two weeks of free introductory instruction to the kids (which they normally do anyway), and 30% of the first month’s tuition to the schools ($200 x 30% = $60 x 30 kids = $1,800).

  • Their share of cost for the ad was $150.
  • Their total cost was $1,950.
  • The check to the schools was $2,140.


Attracted new patients to the practice, and created goodwill in the community.


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